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grpc commWhether you are a real estate property manager or a manager of an aged care facility, winery, shopping centre, hotel, restaurant, industrial site, commercial premises, hospital or government department we have proven we can manage any pest management problem that arises.

Commercial properties generally encounter Rodents, Spiders, Birds, Cockroaches and Stored Product Pests (weevils).  With commercial properties we can provide you with a regular service and reports as required by your business. It may be a monthly or quarterly service and we can tailor a pest management program to suit your requirements.

Most buildings encounter spiders like the red back, white tail and black house spider.  Spiders are usually an outdoor pest mainly harbouring around window and door frames and any other type of crack or crevice, however over time they are now showing up inside.  A spider generally enters inside for two reasons and that is for food and to find a mate.

Rodents become more of a problem at certain times of the year infesting roof voids, wall cavities and the interior of buildings, where they gnaw on electrical wires, timber and contaminate and damage products with their droppings.

Cockroaches are germ carriers while ants can be a pest indoors and out and can be regarded as a nuisance.

We service Shopping Centres, AQIS Sites, Commercial Factories, Fresh Produce Properties, Age Care Facilities, Schools, Restaurants and Wineries etc.